Indoor Camera

  • The ADC-V522IR is's latest wireless IP night vision camera
  • Designed specifically to work with the hosted video service, it provides a professional surveillance solution.
  • HD 1080P live and recorded video are available to customers through web-enabled computers, cell phone web browsers and via our free downloadable apps compatible with all enabled mobile devices.

Outdoor Camera

  • Get smarter video alerts and high-quality live and recorded video with the ADC-V723.
  • Powerful Video Analytics from can detect and alert you to people, vehicles, and animals entering your property.
  • With a wide field of view, night vision, and High Dynamic Range (HDR), the ADC-V723 lets you see what’s important – no matter the time of day or lighting conditions.
  • Pair with an Stream Video Recorder for 24/7 local recording or with an security system for cloud-based alarm and sensor-triggered clip recordings (additional hardware required).

Skybell Dorbell

  • The Slim Line II Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera makes it easy to deliver front door awareness to even more customers!
  • The Slim Line II delivers an engaging customer experience with Two-Way Audio, live and recorded video, and notifications.
  • The Slim Line II has an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, and digital microphone and speaker, that enables homeowners to answer the door and speak right from their app.
  • Customers can also record doorbell triggered clips, set motion triggered automation rules, and receive realtime alerts.

Smart Door Kwikset- Weiser Lock Z wave

  • The SmartCode 888 smart lock with Home Connect technology enables the lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in your home.
  • The lock allows the user (through a web-enabled device) to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive notifications via email or text.

Smoke & Heat IQ

  • “Always on” technology ensures the sensor is monitored around the clock, whether your system is armed or not
  • Ultra sensitive smoke sensor prevents false alarms while constantly monitoring
  • Heat sensor detects the rapid rise in heat that comes from a fire - even when there is no smoke (like an electrical fire)
  • Wall or ceiling mounted
  • 3-5 year battery life

Motion Detector IQ

  • Provides security coverage up to 35’ in a large. open area
  • Use to create rules such as “When someone enters the room, turn on light” or “Trigger siren when intruder detected”
  • Pet immune up to 40 lbs/ PowerG Pet Immune 80 lb is avaialble also

Door-sensor IQ

  • Encrypted S-Line sensor technology protects signals sent to the IQ Panel
  • Can be easily mounted on doors or windows with included adhesive
  • Alerts IQ Panel if moved more than 1”
  • Can be programmed as “Safety Sensor” for medicine cabinets, chemical storage, safes or storage closets
  • Using you can get a text if your door or window is left open
  • Create automation rules like “turn on light when door is opened” or “adjust thermostat if window left open”
  • The built-in tamper switch triggers an alert if the cover is removed
  • Create custom names for each sensor, determine unique chime type, choose voice prompts on or off

Thermostat Z wave

  • The ADC-T2000 Z-Wave Smart Thermostat provides users complete control over their home's heating and cooling system.
  • The device can be operated remotely using the Mobile App, and it is fully compatible with smart scenes for Z-Wave devices.
  • Buy the ADC-T2000 here. Read more

Panic Key

  • Activation via large, easy-to-use button
  • Integrated LED to indicate signal transmission and acknowledgement
  • Water resistant
  • Multifunction clip and neck strap
  • Full 2-second delay on panic button
  • Fully Supervised
  • Prolonged battery life (7 years with typical use)
  • Certified with ULC Wireless Commercial Burglary Listing under ULC-S304-16 Standard - an industry first in Canada!


The IQ Pendant is a single button device attached to a watch strap, used to trigger an emergency. Typically programmed to indicate a medical emergency, the IQ Wrist Pendant is perfect for the elderly or those with disabilities.

The fully sealed water resistant housing is water resistant up to 1 meter and works within a range of up to 100′ from the panel making it easy to alert authorities to potential medical problems whether you are out getting the mail, working in the garden, or just enjoying a relaxing evening at home.

IQ Panel

Easiest Installation Ever SmartMount system, all internal antennas, on-screen Installation Wizard Moving the Goalposts .All-In-One Range LTE and WiFi Dual-Path, Dual SRF featuring PowerG, Z-Wave 700 Series, Bluetooth 4.2 QuadSound Audio Streaming Bluetooth Audio from your Smart Phone using four 4 watt speakers Best Differentiating Features Bluetooth Touchless Disarming, Live View, Live Answer, Built-in Glass Break Best Built-in Camera 8MP 120° wide angle camera w/ FlexTilt.

Peek-in, Disarm Photos, Alarm Videos Best Integrations Best in class Residential.

IQ Flood sensor

  • The IQ Flood-S detects the presence of water and allows you to know when potential flooding occurs before extensive damage is done.
  • Great for installing at the base of water heaters, washing machines, sinks, and more.
  • Includes a 6’ wire with water contact sensor and encryption technology.

Monoxyde Carbon Sensor

  • Provides early warning of carbon monoxide poisoning, before potentially dangerous levels are reached
  • Ensures reliable performance, with robust, industry-leading PowerG commercial grade wireless technology
  • Precisely detects CO gas levels with sophisticated electrochemical sensing technology
  • Alerts people onsite by triggering the built-in 85db alarm buzzer and large flashing LED light when CO is detected
  • Extends value and performance with a long-life lithium battery, included

IQ Temp (High/Low)

  • IQ TEMP is a temperature sensor that works with your Qolsys IQ Panel and can detect when temperatures rise above 100°F or below 40°F.
  • IQ TEMP protects your home and family from dangerous temperature changes.



  • The Jasco Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch with QuickFit and SimpleWire enables On/Off remote control and local control for a wired light or appliance via Z-Wave.
  • The rocker switch can be included in multiple automation groups or scenes and a blue LED indicator helps guide you to the switch through the dark.

Smart Bulb

JASCO 39723 Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb

GE Z-Wave

Plug-In Smart Switch

The GE 28172 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch provides Z-Wave control for a connected lamp. All you need to do is plug the module in, pair it with your Z-Wave controller, and connect a lamp to the designated end. You can then control the lamp from anywhere. Purchase the GE 28172 from Alarm Grid. Read more