How to Buy an Alarm & Automation System ( Q & A)

Do you know it is not only about Monthly payment?

Despite we provide one of the cheapest monthly payment still we suggest our customers to look about the below points before buying any alarm system from us or from our competitors:

Are you well covered with the equipment given by the salesperson?

With our 10 Years + sales experience we don’t act as sales people but as advisors, we know what your house needs as equipment we don’t over sell equipment but make sure you are well covered.

Are you able to get a service and install your system in 24 hours from the time you sign the contract?

We can install between 24 and 48 hours after you sign the contract.

Does your contract is Transferable with FREE Reinstallation in your new address?

After 1 year, we provide you a free 100% reinstallation of your system in case of relocation.

Are you protected in case of Job Loss?

We provide a Job Loss solution! In case you lost your job, we cover you up to 12 months.

Does your alarm company pay your Insurance Deductibles in case of an accident?

We refund you Insurance Deductible up to 500 CAD whether the system is armed or not.

You are Dealing with Experts

Applying for a quote does not mean deal is done, we listen to your needs then we provide our suggestions based on our experience, after that we send official quotes by email to authenticate everything .. Nothing to hide.

Alarm Quote



What are you looking for

Intrusion & Fire
Automation (Caméra, DoorLock,...)
Surveillance 24/7 (Camera & DVR)

Confidentiality of all informations is protected.